Your Ad Space is Valuable. Stop Wasting it with Irrelevant Ads!

WP Relevant Ads helps you display Ads based on taxonomy terms (categories, tags, etc..) to make them more relevant to users. Besides, it gives you granular control over when, where and who should see each Ad.

Your Ad space instantly becomes more valuable since you can sell targeted Ads in specific categories. No more wasting your site Ad space with irrelevant Ads!

Familiar UI

Seamless integration with WordPress for easy Ad creation. Creating an Ad is as easy as creating a blog post.

Unlimited Ad Types

Ads act like normal posts allowing you to create any Ad type: text, image, video, etc...

Display Ads Anywhere

Multiple ways to display Ads for total flexibility (widgets, shortcodes - more coming soon ...)

Expiring Ads

Ads can bet set to expire on any given date or run indefinitely.

Grid/List Widget

Provides a flexible Grid/List widget able to display unlimited Ads. It can be set to display call to action Ads while regular Ads are not available.


More functionality available through add-ons.


More Features…

  • Suitable for displaying any content

    • Not interested in showing Ads? Use WP Relevant Ads to display any content you like!
  • Prioritize Ads

    • Charge more for top positions
  • Group Ads

    • Ads can be grouped by category
  • Ignore Terms

    • Create Ads with empty terms to display them anywhere (best for Ads on front page)
  • Customize Ads

    • Define CSS styles/classes for each Ad
    • Ads can be displayed vertically (stacked) or horizontally (inline)
  • Flexible Widget

    • Integrated widget can double as stacked Ads widget or as an Ads Grid widget
  • Limit Ads

    • Limit the number of Ads displayed in widget
  • Minimum Ads

    • Automatically populate empty Ad slots with Call to Action ('Your Ad here') Ads in widget


Try the online demos

Blog + WooCommerce Shop

Classifieds Site

Premium Add-ons

More Features for WP Relevant Ads

Extend relevant Ads to any custom post type
(WooCommerce, classified listings, job listings etc).

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